Friday, June 5, 2009

Car Trouble Again

I had another car trouble just a few hours ago. I don't know what's happening to my car but I experience the same thing last Wednesday and had my car checked and fixed. Well it's odd, while traversing Kamuning, I saw my temperature gauge going up, so I immediately went straight to Shell Gas Station for assistance, to my dismay, no one assisted me and I was the one getting the water to and from the water station. Not like the incident last Wednesday, Petron assisted me until my car was ok. Bad Shell Station, thank you Petron for your customer assistance service.

Tomorrow, I will go to my mechanic and have my car checked again to make sure that my car won't break down again and won't experience the service that Shell has given me.


Cruzana1981 said...

The next thing that you should probably do is to have a mechanic check your radiator's auxiliary fan. It could be that it's not doing it's job of making your radiator fluid cool enough, thus, overheating.

A good mechanic usually know if the fan needs replacement. Lucky you if it only needs a new carbon brush.

caloy said...

Thanks for the tip Jeff.

myunrevealedthoughts said...

Why not buy a new car 'tay? :P