Friday, September 18, 2009

Green Pinoy

I found a site, a good one, that made me laugh. Every now and then, the owner of the site updates his site, posting green jokes or normal very funny jokes. I read this latest post of his and it goes this way...

Sa Jollibee Daw Ma.

September 18th, 2009

Sa isang jeep…

PASAHERO: Boss, Jollibee.

DRIVER: Hindi ako si Jollibee.

PASAHERO: Hindi. Magkano sa Jollibee?

DRIVER: Depende sa value meal, sir.

PASAHERO: Pucha! Magkano ho ang pamasahe sa Jollibee?

DRIVER: Ang alam ko, walang masahista du’n.

PASAHERO: Anak ng %$#ˆáô?!?! Gago ka ba?! Magkano ang ibabayad ko hanggang Jollibee?!

DRIVER: Ay, sorry, sir… lampas na tayo!!!

Moral of the story: Mas magandang makipag-usap nalang sa kochero. At least may kwento sila. LOL!

This is a nice one though and they even put moral on their story (not all). Here is the link, enjoy reading.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

May Pasok ba?

Well, I was watching one of the shows from QTv called Qtube and they were featuring cool sites. One site that got my interest was the may Pasok ba website ( When I went to the site, it told me that may pasok daw hahaha. Well, I am waiting for the day na walang pasok and see what the site will show. Based on the review, it shows some wacky things. Just go to the site and check it out.