Friday, September 18, 2009

Green Pinoy

I found a site, a good one, that made me laugh. Every now and then, the owner of the site updates his site, posting green jokes or normal very funny jokes. I read this latest post of his and it goes this way...

Sa Jollibee Daw Ma.

September 18th, 2009

Sa isang jeep…

PASAHERO: Boss, Jollibee.

DRIVER: Hindi ako si Jollibee.

PASAHERO: Hindi. Magkano sa Jollibee?

DRIVER: Depende sa value meal, sir.

PASAHERO: Pucha! Magkano ho ang pamasahe sa Jollibee?

DRIVER: Ang alam ko, walang masahista du’n.

PASAHERO: Anak ng %$#ˆáô?!?! Gago ka ba?! Magkano ang ibabayad ko hanggang Jollibee?!

DRIVER: Ay, sorry, sir… lampas na tayo!!!

Moral of the story: Mas magandang makipag-usap nalang sa kochero. At least may kwento sila. LOL!

This is a nice one though and they even put moral on their story (not all). Here is the link, enjoy reading.

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